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Starting, operating, and growing a business takes a mountain of time and energy. Good legal advice at the outset can get you started on the right track. We are here to take the pressure off when it comes to the many legal needs that arise during the evolution of your enterprise – both today and down the road.

We work with businesses of all sizes, providing advice, assistance and solutions with a full range of legal services. At Vo Law, we share with you our wealth of knowledge about your business sector to help you make the right decisions.

We support small businesses and corporations with the following services:

  • Incorporations, revivals, and wind up

  • Business name registration

  • Corporate reorganizations

  • Professional corporations

  • Corporate structure and organization

  • Minute book maintenance

  • Commercial real estate purchases and sales

  • Financing transactions for lenders or borrowers

  • Joint Venture or Partnerships and Shareholder Agreements

  • Contractual drafting for employment, consulting, confidentiality, and other unique agreements

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